When Tech Takes the Wheel: Safe Driving Apps for Everyone

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There are actually some ways to use your smartphone in your vehicle without getting into hot water with the law while keeping you safe.

A worrying number of motorists are being caught using their phones to take selfies or send text messages and if you don’t want to get caught up in an accident compensation claim, or be fined or banned, it would be far better to try and put your phone to a more productive use.

Safe driving apps are rightly growing in popularity as they can offer you the chance to be a safer driver and to get from A to B without crashing.

No texting

Distracted driving accident figures tell you all you need to know about the dangers of trying to send text messages while driving.

SafeDrive is an app that promises to help you keep both hands on the wheel and focus on the road. It works by awarding you points for NOT texting while driving that you can then spend on selected discounted products.

The app calculates the amount of points you have earned each drive by taking into account your speed, time spent in traffic and the total distance travelled.

You can even get competitive with the SafeDrive app by challenging your friends to drive responsibly and see who can earn the most points with their safe and responsible driving.

Blocking smartphone usage

Not surprisingly, both Google and Apple have been busy working on providing their own solutions to distracted driving apps and one example of their collaborative efforts with designers can be seen with the introduction of CarPlay.

The Apple CarPlay is billed as their official iPhone compatible in-dash experience and it is specifically designed to provide you with the functionality of your iPhone that you want but without the distractions that currently exist if you handle the phone manually.

The CarPlay is connected directly to your car by using a cable from your iPhone and once it is turned on and you are ready to start your journey, the software takes over. It allows you the opportunity to play music, use satellite navigation, take phone calls and read text messages, all in conjunction with the built-in Siri feature that iPhone users will be familiar with.

Despite the fact that it has been developed as an iPhone solution for safer driving, Apple does plan to allow third-party compatibility, so popular apps like Spotify could be accessed safely as well.

Android Auto

Google’s rival offering is Android Auto, which has been designed to utilise the voice-command system Google Now.

Android Auto will allow drivers to use their smartphone safely and hands-free and access navigation, audio and communication functions in much the same way as the rival Apple app is offering to do.

There have been announcements from Apple and Google that they have signed deals with a number of major car manufacturers such as General Motors for example, so it seems that future models will arrive in the showroom with these safety-inspired apps already installed and ready to go.

Any App that promises to deliver safer driving certainly has to be considered and the signs are that we should be able to enjoy the functionality of our smartphone without taking our hands off the wheel.

About the Blogger

Louis Ferreira is a confirmed gadget geek and enjoys sharing his tech insights with an online audience. He is a regular writer for several innovation and technology websites.

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