Top 4 Car Lock Picking Tools

Locking the keys inside the cars can be frustrating and your best and the most tension free way out of such a situation is by hiring the services of a professional locksmith. Locksmiths are skilled with extensive lock picking tools and can open most types of stubborn locks. Car locksmiths use a wide array of tools and lock picking equipment that unlocks the car door without damaging the car window or the locking mechanism. There is a wide range of tools that a locksmith uses, and most people are often curious to know about the various car lock picking equipment. Here’s the list of the most commonly used car lock picking tools used by locksmiths, towing companies, police departments, and private investigators.

Slim Jims

These are basically long thin strips of metal, usually made of spring steel, which is usually 60 centimeters long and 2-4 centimeters wide. The thin strips are manufactured specifically for each car make and manufacturer and totally eliminate the trouble of hacking the lock mechanism. The thin strip easily slides between the window and the door to unlock the car manually by lifting the rods that control the locking mechanism. However easy this might sound, it requires skilled lock smiths and tow truck professionals to operate as improper use can damage the rods and render the lock inoperable even with a key.


Wedges are one of the most effective tools that can be easily slipped between the door and the car to make room for inserting another lock picking tool into the gap. Wedges come in various types; the most common of them are the plastic wedges and the inflatable wedges. The inflatable wedges are the most convenient to use tools which can easily slip between small spaces and can be then inflated to create a larger gap without damaging the window or the door.

Auto Jigglers

Also known as try out keys, auto jigglers are a set of various shaped keys which are sometimes able to unlock most types of auto locks. These aren’t master keys which are made specific for each car model or make but are universal and one of the keys in the set might be able to unlock your car door. Try out keys or jigglers are available for various car brands like Ford, Chrysler, General Motors etc. and are also able to unlock most gas and glove box locks. Auto jigglers are used by most lock smiths and would probably be the first equipment that is used in case of a lockout.

Tension Wrench

Tension wrench is also known as a torsion wrench which is one of the most essential tools of a lock picking professional. A typical torsion wrench is made of metal in an ‘L’ shape which helps the user apply constant tension on the keyway and rotate it when the pins are pressed by the picking needle. While a tension wrench is highlighted in most works of fiction involving lock picking, it is nearly impossible to unlock a door without a tension wrench, even if an electronic lock pick or a lock pick gun is used.

Lock picking tools are the bread and butter of a lock smith and without the knowledge and the proper tools, a lock smith is rendered entirely useless. If you are looking for some knowledge in locksmithing, you can research more about the above tools.

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