NADA Results are In: Professional Car Pictures Actually Matter!

Written by a Guest Blogger, Joe Petchonka, Automotive Journalist

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) 20 Group in their “Best Ideas for Success” recently recommended that dealerships invest in professional photo studios to help drives sales.

This claim is supported by the Democratic Leader Council (DLC), an authoritative source that covers everything from education to politics, who reports that approximately 65 percent of adults are visual learners.

More simply put, 65 percent of adults prefer looking at pictures than other forms of communication.

Taking that statistic into account, dealers need to get the best visual focus possible on the car they’re trying to sell by isolating it in a professional photo studio. The photo studio is a way for you to move the car far away from unsightly distractions found on any given day on your lot. To achieve this, NADA 20 Group recommends the photo studio should include a photo booth, controlled lighting and large curtains in the background of the shot.

While the setup recommended by NADA would surely make used car photos look great and stand out, the amount of money and resources it would take to get this setup underway is enough to steer dealerships away from the idea.

Companies such as Nexteppe have created another way for dealers to get the same quality of photographs that NADA believes are necessary to boost sales but without the cost and logistical headaches. Nexteppe’s service named “ProSHOTS” photographs vehicles at your dealership and places each vehicle in one of 33 backdrops of choice, ranging from a crisp and clean wooden floor virtual showroom to exterior of your dealership attractively presented. This service is a much simpler and affordable way to get the great quality of photographs that NADA recommends, only without spending an astronomical amount of money on equipment and staff. In getting rid of ugly scenery like fences, dirty snow, buildings and other unpleasant elements and placing vehicles in aesthetically pleasing environments, dealerships are able to demonstrate the quality of the vehicles at the dealership, thereby selling more of them.

John Cooper, General Manager Golling Buick GMC, who also uses the ProSHOTS service, has a need for his inventory to stand above the rest. “My used car sales depend on internet traffic so they have to look better than my competition online and in person” said Cooper. But what about how the inventory looks? “With ProSHOTS my inventory looks amazing and my traffic from all sources is up” finished Cooper.

There was a time when automotive dealerships would snap a few quick photos of each of their vehicles and be done with it. With technology ever changing, everyone is looking for an edge over the other guy. And by using professional services for dealership inventories like ProSHOTS, dealerships will be ahead of the curve and will be staying with the current trends in technology.

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