Listen Out for These Car Problems to Detect Breakdowns Early

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Drivers would and should check their vehicles on regular bases to see if there are  any low tires, burned out lightbulbs, or low fluid levels. When you see there is a problem you should get it fixed or you attend to it yourself. Another way you get warnings or find out about possible problems is by listening to your auto.

If you listen carefully you will hear that your automobile is making an urgent call to you at times. You will hear a noise that wasn’t there before and certainly it isn’t part of the usual sounds an auto makes. You need to pay attention to these noises and deal with them in a timely manner. Otherwise, you could end up in a mechanical failure related accident and have to deal with car insurance claims.

Here are some of the noises to listen out for:

Hissing Noises

You need to be aware of a few different noises to detect them in time before they cause much bigger problems or sudden stops. They may be coming from under the hood like hissing noise or smoke coming out of the bonnet (hood). This may mean the coolant is leaking. There is a high chance it may spray hot water (coolant). You need to be careful when opening the bonnet (hood) to avoid burns.

Hissing or sizzling noises may be due to simple pipe (hose) burst. That can be solved by changing it or it can be a sign of a much bigger problem. If you keep driving the automobile you may cause much bigger problems that cost you a lot more money.

Knocking Sounds

Another common problem is knocking sounds coming from the engine. If you still have the warranty you can report these issues to manufacturer or their approved repair shops and get it sorted. They normally need special attention and can be costly for you to pay out of the pocket.

Furthermore, it is important these problems are repaired properly to avoid reoccurring and resulting in engine failure. Hence, your better option would be to take it to a manufacturer approved mechanic regardless of having a valid warranty or not.

Loud Bangs and Flapping Noises

A load sound with difficulties in steering the wheel and overall imbalance are signs of a problem with tires. You should slow down without braking hard and try to get to the safety to inspect it. Braking hard can further disturb the balance of the vehicle and cause accidents. It is essential that you always keep a spare tire in good condition. Otherwise, the towing charges will probably double the costs if you don’t have an independent or insurance company provided recovery service.

Squeaking Sounds

Surely, you know that brakes are one of the most important parts in the control of the auto. They are not expensive to maintain in good condition and highly advisable to get them checked regularly. Brake failures are known to be one of the major causes of accidents reported by crash investigators. And they result in large damages and injuries claims that will increase your auto insurance rates.

A squeaking sound generally means that brake pads are worn out. You need replace them as soon as practically possible. Otherwise the brake pads will ruin the brake rotors. This can be costly.

Rattling Sounds

Rattling sounds under cars may sound like coming from engine but it is more likely to be exhaust problem. This could be due to loose or worn exhaust components. They are common issues that can be repaired by either fixing the bolts or replacing the exhaust and usually don’t cost a lot.

Grinding Noise

You may notice this sound when you are shifting the gears in a manual transmission. It is something motorists are worried about since it can cost a lot of money. There may not be a quick fix and changing the whole gear box may be necessary. If you have an older car this is the time to think about getting it repaired or spending the money to buy another automobile.

Generally, costs are several folds especially if the problems cause accidents. One of the first things you will see when you make a claim is increase in your premium at the next renewal. If you don’t want to pay high auto insurance premiums you should get quotes from comparison websites like Cheap Auto Insurance .net and compare. You may be surprised how low your rates can go down.

In this aspect car maintenance plays an important role to avoid crashes in the same way. In fact, a good mechanic should be able to notice imminent troubles, check exhaust, tires, brakes, oil and filters. They have advanced computerized equipment to detect problems or gauge engine performance. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cars.


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