How to Get Your MOT for Cheaper

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Is that time of year coming up again? If your vehicle is over three years old it will be required by law to take an annual MOT test to determine its safety and roadworthiness. A number of important points will be checked during this examination, including seatbelts, mirrors, exhaust system, windscreens, brakes, fuel lines and oil levels.

Your MOT can be a big expense every year. Not only will you need to pay for the test, but you will also need to shell out for the repairs if your vehicle fails the examination. So how can you save money when it comes to your MOT? Where can you find MOT and car servicing deals? Here are some ideas:

Give Your Car a DIY MOT First

Most MOT tests fail due to small problems that could have easily been fixed in advance, such as a burnt out light bulb. Make sure that you give your car a quick look over first so that you can avoid any issues such as these. If you spot any obvious and easy to fix issues you can have them repaired before the actual test. This includes looking at your brakes, exhaust, lights, suspension and tires.

If you can eliminate these problems you will save a lot of money on your final bill. You will be able to repair these problems yourself and order the replacement parts online for a lot cheaper than it would be at the mechanic’s.

Use a Price Comparison Website

There are price comparison websites out there for MOTs, such as, which will allow you to compare a number of different quotes and find the right price for your MOT. You start by entering the details of what you need on the website and your job will be offered to the network of service providers who will be bidding against each other for your MOT.

You can choose the best deal, whether that is the cheapest price or the best value for the overall service offered. You don’t need to pay for this style of website either – the service providers pay because they want the chance to bid to receive your custom.

Get Your Car Tested by the Council

If you take your vehicle to the garage for an MOT, the mechanic has a vested interest in your vehicle failing because it will mean more repair work for them. If you want your car to be tested by an impartial third party, you can get it at your local council instead. They do not perform repairs so they have no vested interest – which means that you will get an honest report of which repairs are really essential. There are local councils all over the UK that have their own MOT testing stations for vans and buses. Take a look online to find out where your nearest MOT council testing centre is located so you know where to take your vehicle.

Save Money on Your Retest

If your vehicle fails the MOT one the repairs have been completed it will need to be retested – so how can you save on this part of the process. The retests may be free or discounted, depending on where you had the vehicle tested in the first place. If you have your car repaired at a test centre and retested within 10 business days, the retest will be free. If you have the repairs done somewhere else the retest will be free if the car is returned to the test centre by the end of the working day.

If you had your MOT carried at the council centre, the retest will be up to half price if the vehicle is brought back to the original test location for a partial retest within 10 working days. In all other situations the retesting fee will be the full maximum rate, so it makes sense to try to ensure you get a free or discounted retest rate.

Getting your MOT carried out is a necessary part of owning a car in the UK – if you are caught driving without one you will be subjected to a fine. However, it can be a major expense every year to pay for the examination and the resulting repairs to your vehicle.

With these tips in mind you will be able to save money on this yearly vehicle check-up. Money can be tight, so any strategy that means you can save your cash by getting your MOT for cheaper will be a major benefit.

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