GPS Tracking Systems for Teen Drivers

When I got my license I was thrilled with the freedom it gave me. I could jump in my car and cruise to nowhere. Today’s technology allows parents to always be in the back seat if they want to – well at least through cyberspace. One program, called Teensurance, empowers parents to track a car’s location through an online connection and set speed alerts, driving curfews, and safe driving zones. even retails a GPS (Global Positioning System) for your car called Zoombak. This device continuously tracks your car’s location, gives you the history of where your car has been, and issues alerts when your teen driver leaves safe zones.

Many GPS units and tracking programs are available on the market to track teen drivers. You may even get an insurance discount for adding such a device. Call your insurance provider to see if they have suggestions or details on specific car tracking systems or special insurance program discounts.

Here is a YouTube video on how it works from

What do you think? Are GPS tracking systems a good idea for teen drivers?

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