Excessive Penalty Points Do Not Mean Punishments?

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Driving comes with legislations and rules that need to be adhered to at all times to make sure the road is a safe environment for everyone. Certain driving offences can result in punishments and for those that are deemed to be a real risk to other road users often find themselves losing the privilege of driving. Serious offences such as speeding, using a mobile phone, driving erratically and being an unsafe driver for example are some of the areas that can result in the harshest punishments. Fines and penalty points are the biggest punishments and a certain number of points SHOULD result in an automatic driving ban for a set period of time. Once a driver has reached 12 penalty points on their license they are forced to attend court that will determine the length of the ban, in some extreme cases judges are able to overturn the ban yet this should be for rare situations and other punishments should be in place. There are now more people driving around with an excessive number of points, which undermines the law and the way in which drivers should follow the road rules. Bad driving can quickly result in points and fines which will affect the cost of insurance premiums as insurers see you as a risk and a bad driver that could cause them a higher number of pay-outs as a result.

Young drivers are trying to turn this around by having a black box installed from companies such as InGenie, which monitors the way they drive and highlights where they are going wrong. They are then less likely to pick up bad habits after leaving the young drivers category and is something that could be suitable as a way to deter experienced drivers that repeatedly offend whilst driving from doing so in the future? If the punishments that are currently in place are not going to be enforced then there needs to be another solution and other penalties in place of the more severe punishments that are clearly not effective or taken seriously.

It has been reported that the lack of enforcement is so serious that one woman is currently still on the British roads after equating a staggering 42 points on her driving license. As the rules become more lenient, the conditions of our roads and the drivers upon them will worsen and there will be a higher number of cases of accidents and collisions that are a result of poor driving. The rules are in place for a very specific reason, to keep people and pedestrians as safe as possible, it is not something to be taken lightly and there is now a growing concern at the standard of driving and the way in which other people will be affected. Rules are not meant to be broken yet there seems to be little impact on those that do. The strength of other road rules will now weaken as nothing seems to be taken as seriously as it once was, those that repeatedly drive poorly and put other people in danger really have no place on the roads.

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