10 Emergency Items To Keep In Your Car

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Unfortunately, no matter how much time and care you dedicate to car maintenance, it’s likely that you will run into unexpected car trouble at some point over the years – just like every other driver.

But, as Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail’, and if you stock your car with a few items that might well really help you out in an emergency, you could prevent your small problem from turning into a complete disaster…

Here’s 10 things that no car should be without.

A map

Most of us rely on technology to get us where we’re going nowadays, but it’s best to have a back-up in case batteries run out, you lose signal or you encounter any sort of other electronic failure.

A flashlight

Essential for exploring under the hood, or generally finding your way in the dark – be sure to regularly check that the batteries are still working, though!

A tow rope

A tow rope can help transport your car to a safer place or to the garage for repair in the event of a breakdown.

Jumper cables

If your car battery runs flat – and you can flag down a helpful fellow motorist – these can get you back on the road with minimum fuss.

First Aid kit

The bigger the better! A First Aid Kit, especially a well-stocked one, could help you out in a jam when the medical aid you need’s a long way away or a minor health niggle is making it difficult for you to concentrate on driving.

Multi tool

Let’s face it, a versatile multi tool is a good piece of kit to have on you at all times, but it’s especially useful when it comes to coping with any of your car’s mechanical troubles.

Owner’s manual

Owner’s manuals can be pretty hefty, so you might feel tempted to leave yours at home. But don’t – it’ll definitely be worth all that space it takes up if you suddenly need to find out what the deal is with that mystery flashing light on your dashboard…

Hard copies of your breakdown cover information

You might have your details stored electronically, but you should also always keep the contact phone number and your policy information on a print out too.

Snacks and water

Break down in an isolated area and you could be there for a while… Keep a cereal bar, fitness bar or similar in the glove compartment, along with a bottle of water, and remember to replace regularly.


A blanket will keep you warm if you run into trouble in cold conditions, or protect you if you need to lie down on the road to look underneath the car.

About the Blogger

This blog was provided by The Car People Manchester, a UK-based used car dealer with showrooms in Sheffield, Manchester and Wakefield.

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