Tips for Finding Cheap Car Parts

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Whether you want to save money or you can’t afford to purchase a new auto parts form a retailer, it’s often possible to find a quality car part at a low price. In some instances, this may mean purchasing used car parts or from an individual dealers, but buyers should have caution when shopping to ensure they’re getting the parts that best suit to their cars. In order to avoid troubles when shopping, consider the following guidelines.

Online Comparison

Although in most cases the difference isn’t great, rates for some auto parts usually vary from one dealer to another. Generally, there are a lot of regional or national chain parts dealers in most areas. Before purchasing a car part, you should contact each dealer in the area to know the price offered. Most car part stores usually ship parts to your home address, so you can shop from those stores that don’t have a retail presence in your area.

Online Part Dealers

In addition to the car parts dealers with brick-and-mortar stores, there are also a lot of dealers that trade online. Try to check these online stores for a price quote. However, you must have caution when dealing with these online stores as there are a lot of online scams and con artists nowadays. When dealing with unknown retailers, you could verify their reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Junk and Salvage Yards

The most common source for cheap car parts is the local salvage or junk yards. In addition, you can check the directory of yards nationwide with the use of online database or part finder websites. Always have caution when buying electronic parts, such as fuel pumps, ignition modules, etc., as the retailer may accidentally sell a part that doesn’t work from a junk car. It may be a hassle for you to return the product for a refund.

Other Sources

Similar to a large newspaper classified, most areas have also a publication where people can list car items for sale. For most common vehicles and parts, these listings can be a good source of cheap auto parts. However, auto parts from these listings may be used, so you should have caution when buying. Moreover, Ebay, Craigslist, or online listings like the parts section of ISeeCars are potential sources of cheap auto parts. These online stores list both new and used parts from dealers as well as individuals. Although not perfect, these stores provide tools that help consumers make sure they’re buying the right car part.

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