The Right Recreational Wheels: Caravan, Motorhome, Camper or Box Trailer?

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There’s a growing trend in Australia – camping. But, where do you start? There are so many vehicle choices and ways to do this. Here’s what most people do.


The motorhome is the classic camping vehicle. Motorhomes are like large trucks with well-appointed features like T.V.s, beds, kitchens, and bathrooms. They usually have turbo-charged diesel engines so they’re very fuel efficient and yet also very powerful.

Diesels can haul a lot of weight, and take a lot of abuse, without quitting. And, that’s important if you’re going into the outback or on a summer holiday in Australia. Motorhomes come in a variety of sizes and berths, but they have one thing in common – they’re ideal for a large family.


Trailers, or box trailers, which are also referred to as camper trailers, are trailers that are towed behind a car or truck. They’re pretty basic, and made for young families or individuals who might be going out with one or two people, maximum. The trailer itself is like a portable tent, and they’re incredibly popular for this reason.

They give you the feel of “roughing it” without having to sleep out under the open sky. Because they’re smaller and more compact, you don’t get the same kinds of features you’d get from a motorhome. At the same time, they’re a little more rugged.


Campervans are basically campers that are attached to the chassis of a van. Usually, they’re fitted to the van afterwards and are separated from the cabin. This makes them a sort of half motorhome, half trailer. You must get out of the van to get into the camper area, so it’s a little less convenient than having a motorhome.

The nice thing about this setup is that they’re usually cheaper than motorhome, they provide some of the features of a motorhome, and can be easier to drive as well as more practical.

It’s not uncommon for a campervan to have a toilet onboard, a fridge, lounge area, cooktop, and a sleeping area. So, you’re getting a lot for the money.


If you shop this Caravan and Camper Megastore in Perth you’ll notice something very interesting. The chasm between a camper and a caravan is huge. Most people who aren’t familiar or accustomed to camping sometimes can’t believe that these things exist. A caravan is a self-contained vehicle that’s towed by a truck, usually (it’s too large for many cars to tow). Inside, they’re usually quite a lot of room – a double bed, seating around a large table, a small fridge and stove, storage room, and other amenities.

Of course it has a bathroom, sometimes two. The seats and sometimes the table can be converted to a bed and there may also be bunk beds. Some caravans also have showers,. So really, you don’t have to leave it if you don’t want to.

That’s awesome for days that are a little too windy or cold or when it’s raining. Caravans are more difficult to maneuver than a trailer or campervan, but they’re also made for extended camping trips.

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Sean Lynton is an engine mechanic and avid camper. Whenever he has the time, he likes to post his experiences on the web. Look for his articles on many camping, recreation and outdoor websites and blogs.


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