Lost, Locked or Stolen: Curing Those Car Key Conundrums

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Losing your car keys is frustrating and stressful, especially when you are just about to go somewhere important or there is a chance that they may have been stolen. However, don’t panic. Stay calm and take a few simple steps to protect your car and get back on the road as soon as possible.

What to Do if Your Keys Are Lost or Stolen

If you have lost your keys, you may want to spend a bit of time looking for them first. There is nothing worse than making arrangements to get a new key only to find your original key under the sofa the next day. Replacement keys can be expensive, so just make sure you have not simply misplaced it.

If you know your keys have been stolen, call the police and report it. They will provide you with a crime reference number, which you may need should you make a claim on your insurance policy.

Whether your keys have been stolen or are just lost, there will be a risk that someone has access to your vehicle, so you should take steps to avoid them getting to your car. These include:

– Fit a clamp or steering wheel lock on your car to prevent anyone from moving it.

– If you have a spare set of keys, move your car somewhere away from your home in case the thief knows where you live.

– You may want to remove a fuse or relay from under the bonnet.

Call a Specialist to Get a New Key

Lost and stolen keys are not usually covered on home insurance, but they may be covered on your car insurance policy. However, this can often mean paying a large excess, so think carefully before deciding to make a claim.

You may assume that you need to go to your car’s manufacturer for the new keys, but this is often the most expensive and time consuming option. Instead, call a specialist lost car key replacement service. They will send out a trained technician with specialist equipment, and they will get access to your vehicle without causing damage. They will then use their equipment to create a new transponder key, and you will be able to drive your car again.

What if You Lock Your Keys in Your Car?

This is another situation that can be very annoying. Rather than attempting to break in yourself, call out a specialist locksmith. A breakdown service can also be used, but this may be a more time consuming and expensive option.

Specialist locksmith services will get access to your car quickly and without causing damage by using state-of-the-art equipment, so you will soon get your key back and you can then drive your car again.

Take Care of Your Keys

The most important thing of all is to prevent these problems arising in the first place. You should therefore look after your keys just as you would your smartphone or any other expensive gadget. Be vigilant and never leave them hanging around, and always keep them somewhere safe in your home, which means away from the door. You may also want to keep them separate from your house keys and anything with your address on them, so that if you do lose them, any potential thieves won’t know where to find your car.

About the Blogger

Taylor Douglas is an auto mechanic with several years under his toolbelt. When he has the time, he likes to sit down and create posts that help people keep their cars secure and safe. You can find his informative articles mostly on car and vehicle websites online.

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