Keep Your Jeep In Tip-Top Condition By Following These Tips!

Jeep is an iconic auto brand not just in the United States but around the world. The marque traces its roots back to the wartime Willys MB of the 1940s. These days, Jeep has a range of popular models that boast high sales figures in various markets.

Are you the lucky owner of a Jeep? If so, you will know how important it is to maintain your vehicle. Jeeps are desirable vehicles, with the best condition models being the most wanted ones. That’s why it makes sense for you to keep yours in tip-top shape.


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Keep reading, and I will share with you some dynamite tips to help you achieve that goal. Here is what you need to know:

Perform regular (weekly) checks on your Jeep

I know that your Jeep may go to an auto shop each year for a service. But, between those occasions, what do you do to maintain your vehicle? If the answer is “not a lot” it’s time to change your approach!

As a proud Jeep owner, you will know that your pride and joy is a tough piece of American engineering. Still, that doesn’t mean such vehicles will never have any mechanical problems. The trick is to get any minor issues fixed before they become expensive ones.

So, how do you go about doing that? The following points are the things you should check on a weekly basis:

Wipers – your Jeep will have a pair of front wipers. Most of today’s models will have ones at the back too. It’s important you check the condition of them each week. If they look split, get them replaced with new ones.

You can keep them clean by applying some vinegar on the rubber. Doing so will ensure all dirt deposits get removed. And you’ll also lessen the likelihood of smearing too.

Lights – we rely on them to do two things: illuminate the road, and warn other drivers of our presence. Without them, our vehicles would be like ghosts on the road; especially at night! Check that all your light bulbs function as expected, including the turn signals. Bulbs are inexpensive, so it makes sense to stock some spares at home.

Horn – we all use this warning signal to alert other drivers in certain situations. If the horn doesn’t function on your Jeep, the cause is often down to one of two things.

The easiest thing to do is check the fuse for the horn hasn’t blown. If it has, replace it and test your horn again. But, if the fuse is fine, you might have a loose connection from the wiring to the horn assembly.

That means getting underneath your Jeep to check! Consider applying some contact cleaner to the terminals. Sometimes, water and dirt ingress can cause a poor electrical connection to the horn.

Wheels and tires – without these items, you wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere! Walk around your Jeep and do a quick visual inspection. Check each wheel for significant damage (minor scuffs on the rim are fine).

Next, inspect each tire. These rubber “boots” on your wheels bear the brunt of any damage from the road. You need to look for signs of cracking on the sidewalls and punctures on the load-bearing surface. You’ll also need to check the pressures for each tire.

If one of your tires keeps losing pressure, this might be down to one of two things. First, your tire has a puncture. Second, air is escaping between the wheel rim and the tire. In either case, a tire shop can help you. Just make sure you choose an award winning service center, as you want the repair to be good and last a long time!

Brakes – look through the spokes of each wheel on your Jeep. You need to check your rotors have plenty of “life” left in them and are not grooved. And that the brake pads aren’t worn down to their metal backings. You may need to remove the wheel to get a thorough inspection completed.

Fluids – last, but not least, check your Jeep’s vital fluids under the hood. Oil, coolant, power steering and brake fluids are the major ones to check and top-up. If you keep topping up on a regular basis, this might mean you’ve got a leak somewhere. Don’t forget to check your windshield washer fluid as well.


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Follow your Jeep’s service schedules

Each year your pride and joy will need to get taken to an auto shop for a service. Make sure you do so within your Jeep’s recommended service schedules. Or if you are handy, complete the scheduled maintenance yourself.

By following the above tips, you’ll make sure your Jeep is in immaculate condition. And you’ll also ensure it has the best resale value – not that you’ll ever want to sell it!

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