How to Stay Safe in Your Car

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Car accidents are frequent, for a reason. Driving a vehicle is a very dangerous practice. This is where there are so many strict laws about driving in our country. Staying safe in your car means following a certain set of rules. So here’s what you need to know!


Keeping you car tyres right and in good knick is super important. Your wheels are just one sharp object away from a puncture, and potentially, a nasty accident! So, be sure to give your tyres a once over before driving, especially on long journeys. Equally, your tyres must be pumped (inflated) to the correct air pressure in order to function properly. If one tyre is more deflated than the other, then your steering will be affected, which is less than ideal. Likewise, you don’t want to over inflate your tyres. Follow the tyre pressure recommendations on the tyre placard posted on the driver’s door jamb.

Eyes On The Road

It may sound simple, and it’s probably the first thing you got told on your first ever driving lesson, but it’s true! Keeping your eyes on the road is the thing that will keep you safest when driving your car. Avoid texting or using your phone to make calls while driving at all costs! This is not only illegal but also incredibly unsafe – hence, why it is law in some locations! Similarly, don’t fiddle with SatNav systems, in car stereos or similar when the vehicle is moving. These things can all be done when you are stationary. Furthermore, you must not eat or drink at the wheel, this can be incredibly distracting and horribly messy too!

LED Headlights

If you do a lot of night driving, then it may be worth investing in some LED headlights. These are incredibly bright in comparison to their halogen equivalents and are sure to keep you safer on the road. You will be able to see road signs and markings a lot easier. Plus, if you do a lot of overtaking, oncoming traffic will be far more visible. This is due to the increased reach of LED headlights as opposed to that of halogen ones. Give them a go!

Wear Your Seatbelt

Another basic, but not something that everybody remembers to do! Always wear your seatbelt whenever you drive your vehicle. Even if you’re just heading around the corner! Notably, you are also responsible for the safety of everybody else travelling in your car. So, be sure to enforce the wearing of seatbelts amongst all of your passengers. It’ll keep both you and them safe in case of the worst!

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