Cool Solutions: New Performance Technology That Solves Old Automotive Problems

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If you are of a certain age, you will be all too aware of the limitations of older models of cars that were probably considered hi-tech if they had electric windows, but that has all changed and the modern motorist is able to benefit from new performance technology that has transformed our cars.

As you will instantly witness when you look around a model like the Dodge Charger and other performance cars like it, there are plenty of innovations in use that have updated old technologies and improved reliability and performance as a result.

Key technology

Although there are keyless options now available with some cars, many of us still use a car key to enter and start our vehicle, but technology is rapidly changing this experience.

Many manufacturers now incorporate features into their key and in a car like the Charger and a number of Ford models for example, you can use the key to program the cars settings, manage speed limitations and seat belt notifications, amongst other things.

Just starting the car with your car is fast becoming a thing of the past with every new idea, including a different key that primes the engine to use more or less horsepower, depending on which option you want.

Display options

The cabin of a modern car is a technological wonder compared to the models of the past where you got a couple of needle gauges to tell you your speed and gas levels.

Dodge and Chrysler are two companies at the forefront of the development of on-board display options and you can now flip through the owner’s manual on a touchscreen installed in the car, allowing you to find useful information and guidance without searching through the glove compartment for a printed manual.

These guides are not just a digital copy of the paper version, as you can use the touchscreen to enlarge a photo or jump to a specific page or section by touching an icon on the screen.

Technology you don’t see

All of the technological improvements your modern car is equipped with are not always visible, but extremely important regardless of the fact that the driver may not even be aware of their existence.

Dynamic engine mounts are a case in point. Handling dynamics and steering accuracy are two aspects of your drive that can be affected by hard cornering. Using dynamic engine mounts to hold the powertrain steady during these more testing driving conditions, your car may be able to provide you with easier control and driveability than if you did not have the benefit of this technology.

Another feature that you may not know you have is a dual-clutch transmission.

There are a number of different cars that have this system, which uses two clutches for even and odd gear sets, making gear shifts smoother and quicker than a standard stick shift gearbox.

There is plenty of evidence of new performance technology being used to solve old automotive problems and this is helping to create an ever-improving driving experience for many of us.

About the Blogger

Samuel Caverly is 50% geek 50% motor head! He likes to keep up with the latest innovations in the auto world and in his spare time blogs about his findings for auto and tech blogs.




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