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Should You Modify Your Car?

If you’ve bought a car on a budget and you’re planning on modifying it to make it look better, sound better, and perform better, then there are a few things that you ought to know first. While modifications can improve your car in certain areas, there are areas that you need to seek advice on too. Take a look at this short guide to modifications.


Some car modifications can compromise the safety and legality of the car. If you install too many, or do it incorrectly, it can affect the way your car handles, and make your car not road safe. This could make you liable for prosecution, as well as get you in trouble with your insurance company. You must tell your insurance company, as it will affect your insurance premiums too.


In-car entertainment is one of the most popular modifications for young drivers. Whether you’re planning on installing a Bose speaker system or a TV screen, there are a few things that you must remember. Firstly, your most important job as the driver is to drive safely, so getting distracted by trying to find a song on your mp3 player is not a good idea. Secondly, moving images within view of the driver whilst driving are illegal, so you mustn’t place screens so you can see them in any of your mirrors. And thirdly, if you install expensive in-car entertainment, then it means your car is more of a target for thieves, particularly if you haven’t upped any of the security features.

Wheels and Tyres

Changes to tyres and wheels can change your car’s performance on the road. Though you may argue that it improves the performance, you need to make sure that the new wheels and tyres are approved by the vehicle manufacturer and that they provide enough clearance between the tyre and body.

Suspension and Brakes

Modifications to your car’s suspension or brakes should only be done by a professional. It shouldn’t interfere with the car’s handling on the road, because this could potentially be very dangerous. It is advisable that you check with your vehicle manufacturer and independent suppliers before you fit new brakes to make sure that the model is approved. You should avoid any major modification of existing mounting points.

Exhaust System

Changing out your exhaust system for a louder one is a popular modification that’s actually illegal. You can also get in trouble if your vehicle’s silencer has been changed too.

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