A Quick Guide To Keeping Your Car Expenses Down

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We all know that driving is expensive. It costs money to buy the car, and it costs a fortune to keep it on the road. Everything from insurance to tax to fuel will pile up, and eat away at your finances. Luckily, there are a variety of things that you can do, as a driver, to keep these costs down. All it takes is a little care and consideration with your vehicle. By doing this, you can avoid some the terrifying figures involved in looking after a car!

Slow down depreciation

First of all, recognise that depreciation will significantly drain value from your car. If you buy a new vehicle, it can lose up to half its value in just two years. If you’re looking to sell it on, that’s going to hold you back. There are few ways to slow down depreciation, and make sure your vehicle holds its value. First, make sure you keep on top of the regular maintenance (more on this later). That way, the engine stays in the best possible condition. (Remember, people check the engine when buying a used car.) Keep the service history up to date, and try to avoid personal upgrades and modifications.

Drive sensibly

We all know what it’s like when you buy a new vehicle. You want to push the engine fast and hard. You want to see what the car can do! You throw it around the corners and rev the engine. It’s fun for a while, but just know that you’re costing yourself a fortune in the long run. You’ll burn out the engine, and wear down the tyres. These are all things that will cost a lot of money to repair. You’ll also burn through fuel fast, which burns through your bank account.

Stay on top of your regular maintenance

Every time your car visits the garage for repairs, it’s going to rack up a huge bill. It’s up to you to make sure the car stays out of the repair shop. By doing regular maintenance yourself, you’ll keep most of the biggest problems at bay. Keep the oil and fluids in good condition, and regularly check the tyres for signs of trouble. By keeping on top of these small things, you’ll avoid the more costly repairs later on.

Keep your insurance premium low

Insurance is one of the most expensive costs involved in running a car. And, there are lots of factors that determine how much you pay. In some cases, there’s little you can do (your age, location, occupation). But you can pay attention to other factors. Lucas Velez from ComparaenCasa tells us that insurers also consider your driving history and current driving habits. Make sure you drive sensibly, and keep your record clean. It’s also worth installing a black box. It records your movements, and lets your insurers know that you’re a careful driver.

By following these simple tricks, you can keep a lid on your driving expenses. Don’t let the bills pile up. Keep your driving lifestyle affordable!

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