6 New Green Cars Coming to Market in 2013

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The coming year’s roster of green cars is an anticipated one. New cars are ready to roll out and they aren’t necessarily hybrids. Fuel efficiency is already a focal point but words like torque and turbo are back on the axle. Here are six new green cars that let drivers keep it lean and still drive mean when it comes to burning up the road in 2013.

1. Toyota Avalon

Despite criticisms for design blandness, the 2013 Toyota Avalon looks sleeker than its predecessors. The double-tier grille gives the Avalon an edge over other midsize luxury sedans, lookswise. It still has two-wheel drive and a V6 engine lurks under the hood, but the driver gets a trifecta of programming options: Normal, Eco Drive, and Sport. The price will also be slightly higher, but the improvements to the body, interior and overall driving experience will encourage prospective buyers.

Starting price: +/- $34,995

Release date: Winter 2013

2. Dodge Dart

Dodge’s new Dart comes with a larger 2.0 liter engine or a smaller 1.4 liter engine. Here’s the catch: get the smaller one and enjoy the benefits of turbocharging. Turbo is the magic word for green cars in 2013. The 1.4 liter engine happens to be Fiat’s MultiAir engine, too. It’s an unexpected collaboration that affects the Dart’s performance positively. With a maximum attainability of 39MPG on the highway and a low MSRP, the Dart practically endorses revving.

Starting price: $15,995

Release date: Available

3. Ford Escape SUV

Go ahead, call the new Ford Escape by its birth name: Torquenstein. Ford’s Ecoboost turbocharger gives the Escape enough muscle and torque to haul a 2-ton load. The 1.6 liter engine can be upgraded to 2.0 for even more power. Cruising at 33MPG on the highway and 23 MPG in the city, the Escape has four tires up on the competition’s SUV.

Starting price: $22,470

Release date: Available

4. Chevrolet Sonic 1.4 Liter Turbo

Chevrolet has a younger demographic in mind with their new Sonic 1.4-liter turbo sedan. Like the Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris, the Sonic is available as a sedan or hatchback. The hatchback is 14 inches shorter from front to back. Both come with four doors and with or without the turbo option. The new Sonic reprises the 2012 model’s arched roof for plenty of headroom. The Sonic gets 29MPG in the city and 33MPG on the highway, so don’t look for it at the rear of the pack.

Starting price: $14,995

Release date: Winter 2012

5. Ford Fusion

It seemed like an odd move at first but Ford installed a smaller 1.6 liter engine in its new Fusion. The reason is clear: the car benefits from direct injection and turbocharging thanks to Ford’s Ecoboost. The engine is rated for 180 HP which is plenty inside city limits. With its rounded edges and slightly downsized shell, the Fusion remains a winner.

Starting price: +/- $25,995

Release date: January 2013

6. Fiat 500 Turbo

Fiat is the butt of many acronym-based jokes, but it’s time to throw the auto maker a bone. The 500 features the same MultiAir turbo that’s leased out to the Dodge Dart. It’s a little smaller than the Dart, and so is its MSRP. There aren’t many turbocharged vehicles in the 500’s size and price class, either. A combined 31MPG rating isn’t a revelation, but a few more miles-per-gallon are doable on the highway. The 500’s appearance is patently European but it doesn’t look any worse than a Mini Cooper — and arguably better.

Starting price: $14,995

Release date: Winter 2012

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