10 Cars Offering 30+ MPGs for Less than $25k

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Just like we all want mates who are smart, good looking and funny – most of us all want cars that are stylish, fuel efficient and affordable. But as anyone who’s ever been in the dating pool knows, we’re not all a perfect match.

Now, the dating thing – that’s something you’ll have to figure out on your own. And the same goes for the “stylish” and “affordable” attributes we’re all looking for in our cars. But fuel efficient, well – that’s something that’s quantifiable – and something you can find out with just a little research.

For those of you looking for a brand-new car, there are several 2013s that get more than 30 mpg/combined and cost less than $25,000 – which is what many people consider an “affordability threshold.” Completely electric cars aside, there are several hybrids and standard combustion engine vehicles that offer great gas mileage. Below are just a few cars with good gas mileage that make the cut:

• Toyota Prius c Hybrid – 50 mpg/combined; starts at $19,080
• Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen – 34 mpg/combined; starts at $20,595
• Toyota Yaris – 33 mpg/combined; starts at $14,370
• Chevrolet Spark – 34 mpg/combined; starts at $12,185
• Honda Insight Hybrid – 42 mpg/combined; starts at $18,600
• Nissan Sentra FE – 34 mpg/combined; $15,990
• Volkswagen Passat – 35 mpg/combined; starts at $20,845
• Honda CR-Z – 34 mpg/combined; starts at $19,975
• Fiat 500 – 34 mpg/combined; starts at $16,000
• Toyota Prius – 50 mpg/combined; starts at $24,200

As you may have guessed, trucks, vans and SUVs are generally more expensive and won’t typically get quite as many miles per gallon as cars. However, some (2013) makes and models may surprise you with how good their gas mileage is. For instance:

• Toyota Tacoma (2WD) – 23 mpg combined/ starts at $17,625
• Mazda 5 – 24 mpg combined/ starts at $19,940
• GMC Sierra 15 Hybrid 4WD – 21 mpg combined/ starts at $41,305
• Mazda CX-5 – 29 mpg combined/ starts at $21,195
• Nissan Frontier (2WD) – 21 mpg combined/ starts at $19,260
• Honda Odyssey – 22 mpg combined/ starts at $28,675
• Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4WD –28 mpg combined/ starts at $40,170
• Nissan Juke – 29 mpg combined/ starts at $20,280
• GMC Canyon Crew Cab (2WD) – 21 mpg combined/ starts at $17,490
• Lexus RX 450h – 30 mpg combined/ starts at $46,310

*MPGs listed were obtained from U.S. Department of Energy’s website – https://www.fueleconomy.gov.
*Prices listed are for base model vehicles, and provided according to the manufacturers websites. (2/19/13).

BIO: Rose Fox – Rose is a guest author who just loves to write. She occupies her time word smithing about everything from useful tips to used cars, from farming to pharmaceuticals.

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